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Posted on 03 February 2017

You know what I like most about the clothes at SattVa? The work-life balance! I talk about this with my friends and colleagues as well as customers in the store all the time. Many of today’s workplaces allow a lot of creativity in clothing options for women. Unless you’re in a really ‘buttoned up’ profession, you can go a lot of different ways, I feel that Sarah’s buying for SattVa is genius in this area. We are lucky enough to be living at a time in which you can be simultaneously super professional and also extremely comfortable. 

In my opinion, some of the brands that strike this balance particularly well are Miik, Jennifer Glasgow and Bodybag by Jude. 

If you don’t have a blazer by Miik yet, come in an buy one immediately! Miik makes the most wearable, durable, and comfortably professional garments I’ve seen in a while.  Milk also produces great foundation pieces like sleeveless shells, long sleeved tops, dresses and tunics - and some of the most comfortable leggings you’ll find anywhere. The high quality made in Canada bamboo jersey is both comfortable and flattering, the weight of the fabric creates a truly lovely drape. The Emily blazer is ready for Pre-Sale online now and we expect the rest of this season’s bamboo collection Feb 10th.  

I have unofficially named Jennifer Glasgow the “Queen of the Dress.” Her pieces, especially Spring and Summer, are some of the most comfortable and flattering I’ve had. Nothing like some good colour blocking to lift your spirits and take you through a day full of meetings! She also does amazing and distinctive tops and jackets that will perfectly set off other pieces in your existing wardrobe. Spring Summer 2017 is expected to arrive  the first week in March. 


Bodybag by Jude - from dresses to cardigans, to trousers - are intelligently constructed, uber flattering and super fun to wear. The quality of these pieces is truly outstanding. Jude manages to strike the right balance between edgy and flattering, which is not easy to do! Again, these pieces are super wearable in most of today’s workplaces. Select pieces of her pre-Spring collection are in store now!

All Canadian made, all sustainably produced, and supporting a wonderful and innovative Halifax entrepreneur - what’s not to love and feel great about?

Spring/Summer 2017 styles are starting to roll in and there are still plenty Fall/Winter pieces at great prices. Come on in to see us soon, we'll show you how comfortable you can be while still feeling ready for any professional opportunity!

Kath Perry, Recruitment Professional and SattVa Community Ambassador

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