Celebrating 3 Years: A Personal Interview with our Founder

Celebrating 3 Years: A Personal Interview with our Founder



Sarah reflects on three years in business, how Sattva has grown, what she loves about being a small business owner, and what inspires her.



At what time do you start your day?

That all depends what time my kids wake up! Generally at around 6:30 am.



What kind of items would we find in your everyday bag?

Laptop, notebook, lip balm, hair tie, water bottle, some sort of snack (for mom and kids), baby wipes, credit cards and oddly a change of socks. I am very particular about socks.. Of course if I’m with Alex you can add diapers, a toy or book, a change pad, and an extra onesie (just in case).



Do you have a favourite piece from Sattva?

Oh my, so many! I am currently very into the Eleven Thirty hip bag (fanny pack), my Veja velcro sneakers, and the new Des Petits Hauts denim.



What do you love most about being a small business in Halifax?

I love the way Maritimers have so positively reacted to our concept. Our customers and community are everything! It’s a very exciting time in Halifax for entrepreneurs.



How has Sattva grown in the past year? 

We have expanded our international sustainable fashion offerings, as there is a lot of really cool stuff happening in the fashion industry worldwide! We are proud to be blending some of those complementary pieces in with our amazing selection of made in Canada goods.

We also created a second full-time employment opportunity adding to our existing team of three - including another full-time employee, a casual employee, and myself!

It’s a lot of staff for a 600 sq foot shop, but we need it! I also really enjoy working with a team.



What tasks do you enjoy most?

Working directly with clients, sourcing new products, and leading my team. I also really enjoy analyzing how everyone responds to our offerings and strategizing new ways to deliver an even better experience. 



What inspires you?

My kids. They are so adventurous! They are trying to do things they have never done before, everyday. They have no attachment to the outcome.

I was also extremely inspired by a couple fellow entrepreneurs here in Halifax who had babies while running their young businesses - Krista Watters form Bhavana and Chris Pasquet from the Patch. I watched them do it successfully, and that gave me confidence that I could do it too.



Is there a lesson you learned as a small business owner that you wished you knew sooner?

No, not really. I am quite comfortable with wisdom unfolding as it does. There is always more to know.



What do you do on a daily basis to grow as an entrepreneur?

Nothing consciously. As I person I try to continually grow by practicing yoga, being open, aware, brave, forgiving, and empathetic. All those growths contribute to my skills as an entrepreneur.



How did you come up with the name Sattva?

Sattva is a Sanskrit word for an intangible experience of wholeness, balance, and truth.

It is a state of mind that feels light, clear, connected, and content; the space where beauty and bliss exist.

I don’t know that a better word exists to encompass what our store strives to achieve. I knew that choosing a name people weren’t sure how to pronounce was a risk. I pitched 'Sattva' and the alternate name to a group of peers in the CEED program. When I described the meaning of the word to them it was an unanimous vote for 'Sattva'.



What’s next for Sattva?

Not sure! But I am starting to think about that.

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