How to Wear Your Krista Norris Infinity Wingtip Scarf

How to Wear Your Krista Norris Infinity Wingtip Scarf
An unconventional design of scarf, the Wingtip Scarf combines the functionality and ease of wear of an infinity scarf, with the classic look and length of a typical scarf. This is created by partially, not fully, jointing the two ends, allowing the edges, or wings, to fall to two points and the length to fall longer on the torso.
Follow these simple steps for two different ways to wear your scarf...
Step 1: Place the open scarf with the leather branded label behind your neck, wingtips pointing downwards on your back.
Step 2: Cross a bottom loop in your scarf and double on your neck, ensuring the top loop is a bit smaller, so it falls inside the bottom creating a full and covered area.
Step 3: Pull the bottom front of the scarf downward and adjust so the scarf hangs long on the front of your torso and let your hair intertwine with the layers
OR wear it a completely different way! 
This spring is a perfect time to wear the Wingtip Scarf as a vest. It's an easy way to transition it to a jacket style and create a completely different look!  
Step 1: With the Wingtip facing upwards and the leather label sitting behind your neck, put the scarf on like a jacket, with one arm through each loop.
Step 2: The wingtip edges fall out like a collar , and the bottom sits on your lower back. You can pull it all forward like a vest, or cover your shoulders like a jacket. 
The Wingtip Scarf has got you covered for every season of the year. Whether you need it to wrap around your neck in the cold months or to wear over your shoulders at the beach. You can't go wrong with this infinity scarf!




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