Love Your Skin with Leaves of Trees

Love Your Skin with Leaves of Trees



The winter months are a time of year in which we need to pay extra attention to our skin, making sure we are giving it the care it needs! The season is changing, the air is dry and of course, it’s cold outside. Lucky for us, we have recently been introduced to Leaves of Trees – an all-natural, modern apothecary line based out of Toronto.


 Leaves of Trees are masters when it comes to producing all-natural goods that leave your skin feeling smooth, rejuvenated, and healthy.  As opposed to some brands that offer products filled with harmful chemicals, Leaves of Trees makes everything in-house, by hand, and in small batches, using as many high-quality organic and fair trade sources as possible. 


 Many of the ingredients used in their products are sourced directly from producers in Morocco. Among these sources is a women’s cooperative that Leaves of Trees supports. By sourcing the 100% pure, cold-pressed by hand organic Argan oil used in their products, they help provide sustainable employment for Moroccan women. 


Argan Oil is Leaves of Trees star ingredient. With high levels of vitamin E, phenols, carotenes (pro-vitamin A), squalene and fatty acids, argan oil nourishes and restores your skin. Studies have demonstrated that Argan Oil possesses significant anti-oxidant properties and aides to repair skin damage.


Thanks to Leaves of Trees we have been able to stay on top of our winter skin care game this season! Here are some of our favorite products and some of the reasons why they are so beneficial this time of year!


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