Nicole's Picks: Vibrant Style + Feel Good Fashion

Style is a form of self-expression. I believe there are hints about who you are, in what you choose to wear. I like to feel vibrant, and am drawn to prints, patterns and colour:



Comfort is chic - It takes little to no effort to achieve a relaxed and stylish look. Case in point: pants. While skinny pants are still around, I'm loving the momentum that wide leg trouser is receiving. I often opt-in for the casual-minimalist look (with a vibrant twist) such as wide leg pants, a simple t-shirt or a patterned top, a pair of statement earrings paired with Veja sneakers. 




Good design is sustainable design: When I am drawn to a clothing item, the first thing I check is the fabric tag. I like to ensure that I'm choosing a product that contains sustainable materials and my preference is Canadian-made. I often look at the composition tag before the price tag, because just like when it comes to nutrition + wellness, I will pay the price to support my values in eco-conscious, locally sourced, ethically made, and socially aware products.




Buy less, choose well, make it last - This is a philosophy that I remind myself of often. As consumers, we can minimize our consumption by recycling, sharing, and borrowing our clothing. We can also support local, sustainable, and slow fashion by avoiding trends. Slow fashion is based on the traditional two collections per year, and focused on timeless styles that you wear again & again. Finally, paying attention to care instructions is a key to making clothing last. Use a good/natural detergent and delicate bags to  prevent your clothes from wearing out.




Fall in love with your clothes again: Organize your wardrobe and look after what you have so you can get excited about the pieces that you love. If you see and can easily access what’s in your closet, you're more likely to get inventive when styling outfits, and can clearly see what gaps you need to fill in. There is value and clarity in having less + choosing quality.




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