Our Founder



“Sharing beauty is my way of loving people, whether that be a beautiful meal, a memorable moment or a fabulous dress.”

Sattva is a Sanskrit word for an intangible experience of wholeness, balance and truth. It is a state of mind that feels light, clear, connected and content — and it’s how Sarah Bannerman Andrews wants you to feel when you walk into Sattva boutique.
Sarah is dedicated to living a life of balance and joy and helping others do the same. A student at heart, she is always curious and is constantly acquiring new knowledge. Her international travel experiences and sommelier training, advanced education in yoga and Ayurveda, and passion for mindfulness and teaching have all led here, to Sattva.
Sattva is an expression of Sarah’s lifestyle. As a wife, mother, food lover, sommelier, fashion enthusiast and yogi, she cares about quality and the impact she leaves on the people and places around her.
She loves when beautifully designed spaces and products feel good to interact with and use.

“I’m fascinated by the relationship between comfort, design and utility, and the way that combination creates an experience for the consumer.”

The clothing Sarah curates for Sattva reflects this fascination. Each well-designed piece feels great to wear and transitions with women as they move through their unique life.