Meet Our Team





Hi I’m Sarah the Founder of Sattva Boutique.

I like fashion a lot, but I also love design. A carefully designed object can bring so much joy to your daily routine and ultimately enhance your quality of life. My wish is for every woman to enjoy getting dressed in the morning. It’s the first thing we do each day and may well be as important to our overall “health” (mind body and spirit) as a healthy breakfast.

I started Sattva as a solopreneur in the falI I of 2013, the first pop up shops were at FRED, next online, and now at 2453 Agricola. 

Prior to founding Sattva I managed a yoga studio, previous to that I was a beverage director and sommelier to a group of restaurants in Vancouver B.C.

I now call the Halifax home after living here 10 years, originally from Victoria B.C. I love the North End for its unique community of independent businesses and family’s. It’s where I work and live with my two young boys Lochlan & Alexander and my amazing husband Shane.





NATALIE RYAN — Product Specialist
Hi I’m Natalie Ryan, Product specialist at Sattva Boutique.

A few months before Sattva’s opening I was introduced to Sarah through a mutual business associate, I was immediately inspired by the vision for Sattva. I’ve always had a keen interest in the fashion industry, styles, trends, sustainability as well as business.

After completing my MBA abroad, I have re-connected with Sattva and am proud to have contributed to its growth as a business. As product Specialist I combine my love of fashion, business and sustainability. I enjoy the process of carefully selecting products produced in a more sustainable way, from the eco-conscious fabrics, to the brands focusing on ethical production methods - every decision matters. In addition to selecting products and managing inventory I often style for our photoshoots and visually merchandise the store.





NICOLE ECKERT — Boutique Coordinator + Communications Lead

Hello, I’m Nicole, Sattva’s Coordinator and Communications Lead.

I’ve been a part of Sattva since November 2018, and in my role I put together most of what you see on our website, and social media. I am also the creative behind our newsletters that arrive in your inbox a couple times a month.

I grew up in the small town of Beeton, Ontario and moved around Ontario for a few years before taking my journey to Halifax in October of 2018. I am grateful to call the North End home, and for my role here at the shop.

What initially attracted me to Sattva was the name. I am also a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Blogger, and ‘Sattva’ is an Ayurvedic word with a beautiful meaning. With my passion for holistic wellness, I instantly resonated with Sattva’s roots and commitment to curating a shop with products that are Eco-Friendly, Ethically Made, Locally Sourced, and Socially Aware.

To me, good design is sustainable design. I love to inspire, laugh, and help women feel good about what they wear.





JANE SKINNER — Sattva Stylist