Free Shipping in 🇨🇦 on orders over $199

Updated Policies

Keeping our staff and customers safe with simple procedures that allow for maximum distancing.

Storefront Curbside Pick-Up

Tuesday to Sunday 12 - 3pm
Closed Monday

Drivers: As you arrive call us at 902-431-2453 we will bring the package out to the trunk of your car and give you a friendly wave ☺
Walkers: Give us a call, allow for personal space of 2+ meters near the door, we’ll place your package on our front step and close the door for you to approach, giving you a friendly wave

Free HRM Delivery

We’ll contact you directly by text to let you know the next delivery window.
Houses: The package will be left on your doorstep, we’ll ring the bell and step back 5m, waving as you come out.

Apartments: We’ll text you as we approach, leave the package outside the exterior entrance door, step back 5m and wave as you come out.


Easy Returns

Tuesday to Sunday 12 - 3pm

Closed Monday

Please send a note to ahead of time so we know to expect your return.

Knock on the window, we’ll give you a wave, leave the package on the front step and we will take it from there. 


All returns will be held in quarantine for 48 hours before processing