Lemon Jelly Rain Boots - Last Size! (38/8)

$65.00 $125.00

Comfy are the essential Lemon Jelly model. The elegance of Chelsea boots with the performance of a rain boot.

Designed, developed and produced in Portugal, Lemon Jelly is a high-tech product that relies on human feeling for the choice of materials and in the attention to details. Lemon Jelly is colourful and reliable companion that will make your life easy jelly lemon squeezy.

  • Microfibre absorbent insole with golden brand transfer
  • Heel with 3cm
  • Glossy finishing
  • Dual side elastic panels
  • Ankle boot in PVC, compliant with REACH European health and environmental standards against the effects of noxious substances
  • Lemon Scent

Lemon Jelly's are 100% Portugese shoes. Made with top quality raw materials; Good working conditions; Quality control; European standards; Portugese love - this is what 100% means: designed, developed and produced in Portugal.