Miik June Simple Skirt

$95.00 CAD

The June simple skirt is designed to have a smooth look even under fitted tops. Adjust the length by wearing it high at the waist or low on the hip. Create a beautiful, ultra-comfortable suit by pairing it with the classic Miik Emily blazer or any StretchFit blazers. Dressed up or down, on its own or over tights or leggings, the June skirt is a must-have foundation piece for any time of year.

  • Seamless, pull-on waist
  • Fitted silhouette
  • Versatile wardrobe staple
  • Ethically-made in Canada from buttery soft, eco-luxe fabrics

Important care instructions: Miik's herringbone and polka dot fabrics are delicate and require special care. In these fabrics, the June skirt must be washed by hand in cold water and laid flat to dry. Do not use the "hand wash" or "delicates" setting on your washing machine, do not put these fabrics in the dryer, and do not hang to dry.

Miik - Timeless pieces made from sustainably-sourced fabrics. All the luxuriously soft bamboo is milled, dyed, designed and sewn in Ontario, minimizing their carbon footprint and allowing them to oversee the entire journey of the garment from thread to hanger.