Olena Zylak

Misty Long Scarf



The Misty Long is all about remixes. Three of them, in fact. You can wrap this one almost like a capelet, double it up as a super cosy neck scarf, or simply let it drape around your neck (the extended version!). Make the Misty Long part of your personal fashion playlist, and mix it to suit your style.


  • 50% kid mohair / 30% nylon / 20% acrylic
  • Two ply weight
  • Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry
  • Only available in Sky/Pewter 


Olena Zylak believes that it is essential to not only offer distinctive knit accessories, but also to help support sustainable local economies, while striving to minimize environmental impact. They use fair trade organic cotton, sustainably produced marketing materials and reduced energy consumption. Locally produced with love in Ontario, Canada.