Meet Our Team


Sarah Bannerman Andrews
Founder + Designer of Sattva by Sarah

I have a passion for all things that enhance the quality of life. Thoughtful design of all kinds, clothes that make me feel good, and the privilege to share these products and their stories with others.

I love my role at Sattva because it gives me the opportunity to make positive change. I value that each day is unique, and that I am always learning. Sattva and its people are constantly evolving; I'm both motivated and satisfied by that growth.

I’m happy knowing we enrich the lives of our clients by bringing well designed, ethical, quality pieces into their homes. Above all I enjoy spending my days amongst strong, beautiful inspired women.



Lindsey Murphy
Buyer/Inventory Manager

Once referred to as a Chameleon of fashion, I love to mix up my style from day to day. Whether I'm feeling classic, bold, preppy or edgy, I enjoy incorporating my elevated basics with fun fashion pieces and accessories to create the perfect piece of art.

For me, working at Sattva is an opportunity to positively impact the world around me. From sourcing eco conscious fashion to connecting with customers and finding those perfect, timeless looks - I'm thrilled to be a part of it all.




Isabella Froes
Boutique Manager & Digital Communicator

I love sustainable clothing and vintage shopping. By upcycling quality fabrics I am able to give new life to clothing and keep them in my closet for a long time.

I value contributing to the local economy and being part of a women-owned small business. 





Jane Fultz
Special Projects Manager

For me, a sustainable lifestyle creates a balance in my everyday life, from shopping at local food markets to wearing ethical fashion. I like to keep things simple and natural, fashion included. I believe less is more.

I love the creative flexibility Sattva offers, and how it enables me to combine my love for the environment with work, through our sustainably focused brands.

My role is constantly evolving which allows me to grow personally and professionally. I value being a part of our community as a small business, and working alongside empowering and inspiring women.



Isabelle Riche

For my personal style, I try to keep it simple and clean, with a flare of print every now and then.

I'll always appreciate Sattva's meticulous dedication to comfort and ethics, as it cuts across everything they do. I love the people I work with and the environment we are able to create for our customers.

Leslie Putnam

My personal style is classic and simple, good quality clothes personalized by accessories that are special to me.

I love working at Sattva because the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, whether you are staff or visiting the store, and we have so much fun with our clientele! The positive energy is palpable - when you believe in your product it shows!