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Sattva: noun [satt·​va]

Sattva is Sanskrit term found in Yoga and the study of Ayurveda.

An intangible experience of wholeness, balance and truth. It is a state of mind that feels light, clear, connected and content. This is exactly how Sattva's Founder & Owner, Sarah Bannerman Andrews wants you to feel when you visit in store + online.

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"Sattva is one of my favourite shops in Halifax and I continue to return because the service, friendliness and choice selection stand out. I also like supporting ethically made and products that support less waste and recycling."


"Sattva has been my go-to store since it opened. They have great basics, and carry some of my favourite brands like Des Petits Hauts, Veja,  Camper, and ELK. They always help me find what I need and offer very personalized pieces. My favourite way to shop there is with my mom - we have our own little fashion show, with some guidance when we need it."


"The team at Sattva always helps me find exactly what I'm looking for. Their pieces are reliably high quality, timeless, and ethically / sustainably sourced. I always get the most compliments on pieces they've chosen to help me step outside my comfort zone."