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Elevate Your Personal Style by Jennifer Melville


Do you look in the mirror and feel uninspired or disappointed by the image staring back at you? Maybe the reflection you see doesn’t quite match the elegant, interesting and intelligent woman inside. Do you aspire to be a woman who carries herself with style, grace and confidence?

Beauty, style and grace are not qualities reserved strictly for fashionistas, beauty experts, models and movie stars. These attributes are available and accessible to everyone. Sprinkled with the author’s humorous personal stories, mishaps and revelations, this book offers the relatable and real-world perspective of an everyday woman on her journey to elevate her personal style. In her approachable and friendly manner, the author provides tips and advice that will empower and inspire you!

Jennifer Melville is a self-published author. She decided to embark on a writing career because she wanted to tap into a community of like-minded individuals who share her enthusiasm for living well and seeking ways to elevate daily life. She is a professional accountant by trade, who approaches life with an analytical and observant mind. Jennifer has been experimenting and exploring the concept of elevating the everyday for over twenty years. She is passionate about family, health, fitness, fashion, nutrition, nature and all the beauty life has to offer.

Jennifer lives by the sea in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband, two sons and little poodle Coco.