How to Shop a Sale – The Slow Fashion Way

How to Shop a Sale – The Slow Fashion Way



While there’s still plenty of summer left, End of Season Sales are happening all around us. Here are some helpful insights for successfully shopping a sale, the slow fashion way.


Follow your gut - When you’re unsure, try not to over-analyze. Sometimes, the most rational decisions don’t work out & sometimes, the item you weren’t looking for at all - puts a smile on your face. If it feels good on your body, it’s likely a good choice, if it doesn’t - it’s not. 


Statement & special event piece - Sales can be a great time to buy statement or special event pieces. Since you wear these pieces less frequently, you will feel more at ease with your purchase knowing a discount has been applied...  Let’s face it, these pieces are also fun to have!


Shop early - The best selections (especially in popular sizes) can move quickly, shop early so you don’t miss out.


Avoid buying things based on price alone – These are often the things that stay in your closet unworn.


Hunt for basics - Although these items are less likely to go on sale, if you can find basics (jeans, tee’s, black pants, sneakers) in your size and preferred colour, why not? Even if these are out of season, you know you’ll wear them.


Save on ‘uniform’ type clothing - Let’s say you work in the service industry, retail or health-care & your work clothing is often covered by an apron or shell. As long as the clothing is comfortable and functional, you could settle on some less than perfect details and save your money for something that excites you more.


Making mistakes - Sale items are typically final sale, if you do happen to make the wrong choice, don’t stress – that’s not the end. For high quality items (like the ones you’ll find at Sattva), there is offer an after-market option. Don’t rule out consignment, clothing swaps and private sale.


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