The Meaning of Sattva, Ethical Fashion and Connecting The Dots


Sattva’s owner and founder, Sarah Bannerman Andrews, had the pleasure of being a guest on the She Quest Podcast, hosted by Estelle Thomson. Estelle is a yoga teacher and visual artist living in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia. The She Quest Podcast is designed to ignite the modern soulful women – with unfiltered and curated content to educate, inspire and elevate.



In Season 4 Episode 20 of the podcast, Sarah shares her personal life journey that led to the opening of Sattva Boutique in the fall of 2013. Sarah connects all of the dots in this podcast, from unpacking the true meaning behind Sattva, sharing her view on what ethical and sustainable fashion means, and the joy that can be found in the daily ritual of dressing. 




Sarah’s first career was in Vancouver, as an international sommelier. Working with innovative people rooted in sustainable practices. When Sarah first moved to Halifax, her focus shifted, as the local food movement scene that she had been a part of in Vancouver, had not yet made its way to the East Coast. She then began to study and practice yoga full-time, leading into her second career as Yoga Teacher, Studio Manager, and Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist. 


In all that Sarah pursues, she enjoys the challenge of figuring out what people need and how to deliver. After welcoming her first child, Lochlan, Sarah had realized that while she could find local and organic food, clean self-care products, and organic cotton for her newborn, there was a limited selection of organic and sustainable clothing available for herself. She had a desire to have it all: Beautiful things and a connection to them. She wanted fashion and mindfulness, these two things led her to Sattva.



Sarah proposes three questions to ask yourself when choosing clothing from your own wardrobe, and how to have a more successful shopping experience. 


Sarah unpacks the meaning behind the name of Sattva. This Sanskrit word is found in Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga. Sattva is a state of mind that is whole, light, clear, balanced, and connected. This is exactly how Sarah wants her customers to experience Sattva Boutique. This Sattvic state of mind spreads a higher vibration of consciousness. Every detail is important to Sarah – From how the shop is designed and merchandised, to how the products are sourced. These finer details are the foundation, and they enable the customer to feel positive and confident about themselves and their purchase. 




Before finishing the conversation with Estelle, Sarah offers the importance of consigning your no-longer-worn clothing. Our semi-annual consignment pop up introduces a way to reuse clothing that still has value, and offers an accessible price point. Sarah discusses how it is okay to move on from something that you paid a lot of money for – these pieces that are holding space in the back of your wardrobe still have value, and will be valuable to someone else. Sarah shares her own approach to evaluating your wardrobe and how to move through your closet to build a more comfortable and confident self. 






  • Sarah’s journey to opening Sattva Boutique 
  • The meaning of “Sattva” - A Sanskrit word explained 
  • What is ethical fashion? 
  • Understanding the 4 pillars behind Sattva Boutique
  • The benefit of connecting with your clothing 
  • The Sattva shopping experience 
  • 4 jars you need to fill for a balanced life
  • Sarah’s tips on starting your own business
  • Taking small steps towards a mindful collection of clothing





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