How to Become a Sattva Consignor


We curate two pop-ups each year, for spring / summer and fall / winter. We are always accepting early drop-offs, even before the pop-up dates are announced. Find our Consignor Agreement, and how we price pieces for our Consignment Pop-Ups below.


Step 1: Following our Drop-Off Instructions. Bring in your gently used Sattva clothing & accessories*


*Special COVID-19 Policy
All drop offs will be quarantined for 48 hours before processing



Step 2: Complete our Consignor Agreement Form, ahead of time! Be sure to shop the pop-up when it is live in-store.


*Special COVID-19 Policy
It is mandatory to fill out your consignor agreement form ahead of time 


Step 3: After the Pop Up a store credit will be issued to your account for any pieces that sold.



Step 4: Pick up any pieces that didn’t find their new home, or choose to have them donated locally.



Drop-Off Instructions

- Clothes must be clean and neatly folded or on hangers

- Garments should be either from Sattva, from a brand/designer that Sattva carries, or Made in Canada

- Ensure your pieces are in good condition: No stains, fading, or excessive wear

- We price our items at around 30% of the original price. Our consignors receive 60% of the consignment selling price as payment, in the form of store credit.

- Fill out this Consignor Agreement ahead of time, which will include a list of your inventory.


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