3 Simple Reasons Why We Love Linen

3 Simple Reasons Why We Love Linen



As we transition into our warmer months, linen makes a timely and prevalent appearance in our collection of sustainable designs. This textile is commonly used for spring summer, it creates a relaxed yet elegant look, however that's not the only reason why linen is adored. Here are 3 Simple Reasons Why We Love Linen:




Linen is considered to be the strongest of all natural fibres, and it only gets better with every wear and wash. This textile is naturally derived from flax, and is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. Natural fibres in linen do not stretch, and this is what creates longevity for this textile. The sturdy nature of linen lasts for season upon season, making your linen pieces a conscious capsule wardrobe essential.


Low Environmental Impact

Linen is made from the stalks of the flax plan. This plant species has a low environmental impact and is very resilient. Flax is able to grow even in poor soils, requires very little (if any) fertilizer, does not depend on the use of synthetic pesticides, and uses significantly less water to grow, in comparison to cotton. Flax provides many resources, and almost all of the plant can be utilized. Flax seeds and oil are very prevalent in the natural health industry, and any part of the plant that isn't used will naturally biodegrade.


Breathable & Absorbant

Linen allows for natural airflow, it's both breathable and absorbent. Linen fibres can hold moisture without feeling damp to touch, and this is a main reason as to why this textile is so ideal for summer, it keeps you cool and feeling dry. 


We love linen and are happy to share this textile in our curated spring summer collection. This textile is a definite for the classic and sustainable capsule wardrobe.



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