What Makes Miik's Fabric So Special

What Makes Miik's Fabric So Special


It's no secret that Miik clothing is designed and made in Canada, but did you know that their fabulous eco-friendly bamboo fabric is milled and dyed here too? 



A Canadian brand, and they mean it. All of their garments are produced within 50km of downtown Toronto. Working to keep their carbon footprint small by producing close to home. Miik is involved in all stages of production, ensuring the highest quality of garments, plus safe and fair working conditions for everyone involved.



Designed by women, for women, Miik thoughtfully tailors to a variety of silhouettes to ensure that you’ll love how you look in Miik.


Why Bamboo?


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, growing up to three feet per day. Similar to beechwood, bamboo self-propagates so there is no need for replanting, and growing is rather simple, as it requires no water, fertilizers or pesticides making it an incredibly sustainable resource for textile production.



Ultra soft and luxurious against the skin, bamboo is both breathable and antibacterial, it keeps the skin cool and dry, while regulating the temperature of your body.



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