4 Simple Switches for Winter Skin Care

4 Simple Switches for Winter Skin Care


While you may be focused on finding the coziest knitwear and booties for fall/winter, your skin care line-up likely needs some attention too! 



Are you already feeling a change in your skin?: Redness, dehydration, and dry patches are all very common skin changes related to the colder months of the year.



Here are 4 Simple Switches you can make to your winter skin care routine, supporting a healthy glow year round.


Facial Dry Brushing

If your skin is feeling a little dry and ‘textured’, facial dry brushing is a multi-benefit practice which provides immediate results! Dry brushing works to gently exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. Additionally, this practice activates your lymphatic system to awaken the face, stimulates cell turnover, reduces puffiness and dark circles, clears congestion and brightens skin appearance!

You can use a facial dry brush first thing in the morning as the first step in a skin-care routine. Learn more here.


Oil Cleansing

Leaving frightful weather and entering a building with dehydrating central heat is just one daily transitions that contributes to skin redness and sensitivity. Create harmony with an oil cleanser, which is beneficial for all skin-types. Even with a more oily natural complexion, oil cleansing actually works to re-balance your skin so there is no overproduction of sebum throughout the day. On the flip side, if you have dry skin, this will allow an increased production of natural oils to occur. Oil cleansers such as this one by Province Apothecary contains hydrating oils to remove-make up, excess oil, and restore your skin’s natural radiance.


Hydrating Serums

If you find that your lightweight moisturizer basically evaporates within minutes, but heavier creams can make your skin feel like it’s suffocating - You’ll love using serums! Our high quality serums are made with holistic ingredients which are both therapeutic + nourishing.  Whether you choose a simple hydrating + rejuvenating serum, or one to promote clear skin (for those who are more prone to breakouts) - we have just what your skin needs. Serums will work to penetrate to the deepest layers of the dermis, and since they are generally more concentrated than moisturizers, they’ll also work to repair and improve the appearance of you skin at a deeper level than a lotion alone.


Rescue Balm

For those blistering cold winter days, you may benefit from a little protection on your cheeks, the tip of your nose and chin. Keep it simple and apply a natural + organic lip balm to these areas to create a barrier between the weather and your skin. If you’d like to step this up a notch, you can also reach for a Hydrating Rescue Balm.

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Contributor | Nicole Eckert, Boutique Coordinator & Promoter of Holistic Wellness

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